About Delivezo

Urgent delivery service. Provides instant same-day delivery service

The Delivezo courier service delivered its first order in September 2022. We can deliver exactly when you want and can start processing your order almost immediately after we receive it, or we can deliver on a specific day and time.


Best Services

Our Services

E-shop items

Any packages up to 20kg with cash on delivery and buyout options


Our couriers can deliver and return signed documents fast and secure them in a paper-case

Clothes and shoes

Free waiting time on the address so that your client can make their decision

Food and groceries

We use insulated backpacks to preserve the taste — whether the food is hot or frozen

Flowers and gifts

All fragile and delicate items are handled with maximum care and attention

And anything else

We will take into account the qualities of the item and all your requests

We make delivery for businesses easier

Delivezo provides instant same-day delivery service for B2C, and B2B segments of e-commerce as well as intended for classic industries. Delivezo customers' can book urgent deliveries at no extra cost.

We have launched an app for couriers to make our deliveries as fast as possible. When you place an order, our system finds the nearest available courier (there are always couriers available), who will immediately start fulfilling the order using the quickest route that we have calculated. Our fastest delivery time is 38 minutes after the order was placed!