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Delivezo is a logistics company providing courier, food delivery, and package delivery service. It helps business owners to send documents, packages, parcels and letters to the desired destination.


Why should you use
our service

We make delivery for businesses easier.

Transparent pricing

Delivery is faster and cheaper thanks to smart logistics solutions: send several parcels with a single courier

One Hour Delivery

Schedule your delivery for a particular date and time, or choose express delivery.

Next Day Settlement

A courier will collect cash for your items from the recipient and transfer money to you

24/7 Customer Support

The support team is ready to answer all your questions daily from 6:00 till midnight


Track Your Shipment Through The Application, At Any Time

Now get anything delivered instantly within your city. Business delivery you can trust. Fast intracity courier delivery service.

For any type of business, we know how to help

Make an order in 20 seconds to try our best options. Ideal for a one-time delivery: no need to sign a contract

E-shop items

Any packages up to 20kg with cash on delivery and buyout options


Our couriers can deliver and return signed documents fast and secure them in a paper-case

Clothes and shoes

Free waiting time on the address so that your client can make their decision

Food and groceries

We use insulated backpacks to preserve the taste — whether the food is hot or frozen

Flowers and gifts

All fragile and delicate items are handled with maximum care and attention

And anything else

We will take into account the qualities of the item and all your requests

Collecting money for your items — or buying it out on customers’ behalf

Cash on delivery

A courier will collect cash for your items from the recipient and transfer money to you


A courier will buy an item from the seller, deliver it and get money back from the recipient

Creating a great delivery experience for your customers​

Easy tracking

Recipients can track their orders on the map and see the estimated delivery time

Sameday delivery

Proven: sameday delivery encourages to buy. See for yourself! Urgent Courier Delivery Services

Are you a Seller? Use Delivezo for Business for customer deliveries in your city